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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is your conduct to endeavor into the unidentified, which is our website.
We are Eon Site Service, we appreciate the nature of personal information and the principles concerning its use. We do not accumulate any individual information of the customer that is not meant to be gathered. But, when you provide us the information, which is essential for your registration or subscription to our web site, you are allowing us the concrete rights and permissions to create productive utilization of that information.
The reasons for which this information will be employed are mentioned below. This will be our margin with which we will demeanor our procedures. Take note, yet, that if you prefer not to furnish us with any information, which is central for our courses and internal transferences, your occurrence on our website will become limited.



In the administration and maintenance of the Site, we may assemble and route the following data about you:

● Information is given willingly by you, in particular your full name, business, job role or subdivision, address, and contact details such as your phone number, email address, or fax details when you sign up to or ask for a newsletter or by carrying out forms on the Site, or when you are collecting any information from us.

● Information that you presented, when you wanted to contact us or to communicate with us for any other reasons. This may include reporting a problem, submitting queries, comments about the web pages, or it’s content.


● Information regarding your utilization of the Site, in exacting, details of your visits such as web pages viewed and the sources that your way in. Such information incorporates the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses exercised to join your device to the Internet, your visit, traffic, data identifying, etc.

● Our web servers also collect communication information regarding visitors, the Uniform Resource Locators (URL), hostnames, and the domain name.

● Entire this information is employed to construct combined visitor statistics in relation to which web pages are being contacted. We may also monitor usage patterns on this Site to perk up navigation and design features to assist you to get information more effortlessly


We may automatically collect added technical information. This information would be related to IP, internet browsers, time-zone setting, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system, URL, and the associated domains. The information gathered is only utilized to assist us in if an efficient service on the Site and to prepare any errors which may take place during your visit to the Site.


We use cookies to help us in humanizing the Site by gathering information regarding our users, and your device. We make use of the information that we assemble from you in our lawful interests to help us in delivering our services such as promotional or marketing communications to you.


The entire content available on this website is copyrighted to Eon Site Service.

The restraints of the utilization of our data incorporate using it individually, research for your personal sake or that of the association, which you stand for. You should not redistribute, resell, re-broadcast, re-transmit, or disseminate the information for private profit.

You can store our matters for individual use. We cannot be held accountable or legally responsible for any damage that you acquire by the data abuse of your website, in which we are not honestly involved.